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How Do I Learn Mindfulness in an Evidence-Informed Way?


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So, you are meditation curious. With all the many ways to learn mindfulness and meditation these days, like many of us, you may be wondering where to begin.

Two Big Types of Meditation

Meditation scholars often clump mindfulness meditation practices into two sizable approaches that can be considered steps. These practices are:

(1) Focused attention is when you bring your awareness to an anchor point that is with you every moment of the day, such as the breath, a part of the body (e.g., palms of the hands, soles of the feet), or sound. In doing so, we train the mind to be where we choose it to be, which develops our attention control. Attention control is one of the mechanisms by which mindfulness meditation is theorized to work.

(2) Open monitoring focuses on bringing awareness to our physical sensations, emotions, or thoughts to see what is present there, as the entire human experience pretty much happens through those three channels. What is being shared with you through them, and do insights arise based on what is experienced at this moment?

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Mindful College Student

Grand Rounds with Eric Loucks

The Mindful College Student: Approaches to Enhance Young Adults’ Health and Performance

This talk will synthesize evidence on mindfulness programs focused on young adults’ mental and physical health, with an emphasis on a recent systematic review and meta-analysis by Dr. Loucks’ team on randomized controlled trials. Evidence will also be shown from his randomized controlled trials of the Mindfulness-Based College for Young Adults program. The talk will explore ideal delivery systems for mindfulness, including in-person, digital, and books.

Announcing the Launch of The Mindful College Student Book & Online Course

Announcing the Launch of The Mindful College Student Book & Online Course

By Professor Eric Loucks, Director
Mindfulness Center at Brown

The Mindful College Student Book

Based on the popular Mindfulness-Based College (MBC) program at Brown University, this book offers powerful skills to increase academic success and boost mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health—now and for a lifetime.

A Self-Paced Online Course from Omega

As a companion to his book, Eric Loucks has designed The Mindful College Student online course, a self-paced experience that distills the science of mindfulness into practical steps young adults can take to foster well-being, performance, and happiness in themselves and others.

We long for permanence…

“We long for permanence but everything in the known universe is transient.”

Sharon Salzberg

Harnessing life’s slings and arrows: The science and opportunities for mindfulness meditation during a global pandemic and beyond


Authors: Eric B. Loucks, PhD, Melissa A. Rosenkranz, PhD, and J. David Creswell, PhD
We are at a difficult time in history with societal increases in stress, loneliness, and psychopathology, along with high rates of obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and chronic pain. Mindfulness interventions offer promise to address these societal issues. However, in order to make best use of the opportunities revealed by our current challenges, we must: (1) tackle these issues head-on with inclusive, innovative, and creative experimental designs and interventions, and (2) collectively adhere to rigorous, high quality methods so as to provide an evidence-based integration of mindfulness interventions into mainstream medicine and public health.

Asia-Pacific Mindfulness Conference 2022

Asia-Pacific Mindfulness Conference 2022 will be held online comprising a 3-day mindfulness retreat with Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Trudy Goodman, and Angie Chew from 24-26 June followed by a series of mindfulness workshops from 23-24 July by a panel of mindfulness experts from Brown, Oxford, Monash and National University of Singapore to name a few.
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The Inner Work of Racial Justice


“Law professor and mindfulness practitioner Rhonda Magee shows that the work of racial justice begins with ourselves.”

Love Your Enemies? (Really?)

Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman Podcast




Approaches for Informing Optimal Dose of Behavioral Interventions 

What is the optimal dose of mindfulness training? This article can help think through how to find it – e.g., stakeholder interviews, frequency, duration, study designs.  



VIDEO: How Do We Promote Mental Health and Prevent Depression?

The Status Of MBIs? 

New Research Paper

The empirical status of mindfulness-based interventions: A systematic review of 44 meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials

Published in Perspectives on Psychological Science

Authors: Simon B. Goldberg, Kevin M. Riordan, Shufang Sun, and Richard J. Davidson

In response to questions regarding the scientific basis for mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs), we evaluated their empirical status by systematically reviewing meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials (RCTs). We searched six databases for effect sizes based on ≥4 trials that did not combine passive and active controls.



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